Here’s the Profit and Loss of Using TLO and Comprehensive Insurance

Here The Profit And Loss Of Using TLO And Comprehensive Insurance

To protect and provide a sense of security, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to insure their favorite car or motorcycle.

That way, when experiencing problems, such as accidents or loss, the owner of the vehicle can get a replacement or repair.

Before choosing a reliable insurance, the vehicle owner must know the type of insurance that is often used, namely TLO or total lost only or all lost or all risk or comprehensive or in general all risks.

Then, between the two, which is more profitable? Gunawan S. Salim, Chief Marketing Officer of Astra Insurance Retail Business (Garda Oto), explained that comprehensive insurance is clearly better.

“If it is comprehensive, a little blister can be replaced. Moreover, the condition in Jakarta, with heavy traffic, has a greater potential for failure,” explained Gunawan, on the sidelines of the launch of at Thamrin Nine Ballroom, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (17 / 10/2018).

He continued, with comprehensive insurance, the nudge car was replaced, but if TLO had to damage 75 percent then it would be replaced. “If it is comprehensive, a slight defect will be corrected,” he stressed.


Well, for consumers who want to replace TLO and comprehensive insurance can, but there are additional costs that must be paid more.

“Usually, the purchase of a three-year insurance credit. One year is comprehensive, two years is TLO. Once comprehensive is finished, TLO can be increased, but it can be successful or not. The premium is more expensive around 30 percent from TLO to comprehensive,” concluded Gunawan.