Before Buying Car Insurance, Check These 7 Important Criteria

Before Buying Car Insurance Check These 7 Important Criteria

Cars are one of the most expensive investments you have today. As the owner, you will try to treat the car regularly so that the car’s performance remains good. In addition, your car also requires insurance products to simplify the maintenance process.

Of course, do not just choose car insurance products offered by insurance companies. Because there are so many insurance companies, you need to compare the facilities offered to how the claims process.

So that selected car insurance provides maximum benefits, check important criteria before buying car insurance as quoted from .

1. Pay Attention to Car Insurance Company Records

Each company offers different benefits to consumers. To choose one among dozens of car insurance companies is not easy. But you can check the company’s track record through the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

If you are in doubt, ask for a recommendation from the vehicle dealer . However, first prepare the name of the insurance company that is your choice. If the car dealer mentions and gives positive comments regarding the insurance company you choose, the company means that you can be trusted.

2. Adjust Insurance with Needs

There are two types of protection obtained from insurance companies, namely all risk and total lost only . Between the two, all risk is more profitable because it provides comprehensive costs greater than total lost only .

In addition, all risks apply to all types of cars regardless of vehicle age. Whereas total lost only insurance applies to vehicles aged 15 years and under.

To find a detailed description of these two types of insurance, you should ask the officer at the insurance company directly. (Also Read: Want to Claim Car Insurance? Here are the Steps! )

3. Consider the Services Provided

In general, insurance companies have 24-hour customer service. So, consumers can contact CS ( customer service ) anytime when needed. Make sure CS works with all your heart and provide the best service to you.

If CS is inconsistent, not timely, less friendly, and less responsible, you should report it to your employer at the company. So they can improve their services in the future.

4. Calculate the Obligations Paid

The obligation in question is a premium paid every month. Compare the price of premiums in one company with other companies. But remember, do not be easily tempted by cheap premium prices. Sometimes, cheap premiums tend to be more difficult when a claim is filed.

Also consider the ceiling of benefits. Do not let the price of premiums are not comparable to the ceiling of benefits you receive when the car is damaged.

5. Ask the Spread Partner Workshop

Just like premiums, partner workshops connected to car insurance companies are also different in each company. Make sure the insurance company has a partner workshop that is spread everywhere, especially in the area around where you live.

It’s good the workshop also has a high standard in order to get satisfactory repair services. If you are not sure of the workshop of your choice, you can ask for other policy advice that uses the services of the same insurance company.

6. Private Car Shuttle Facility

If the car needs repairs, you don’t need to bother taking the car to the insurance company’s partner workshop. Simply by calling and telling your position, the mechanic is ready to dive into the location. This is the use of the shuttle service.

Before utilizing the shuttle service, ask whether the use of this facility is subject to additional fees or free. If this facility is paid, it is better if the car is delivered directly to the garage to save costs.

7. Ask for Replacement Car Facilities

During the repair phase, most insurance companies will offer replacement car facilities. The type of replacement car can be adjusted to your needs, so you have the opportunity to choose a quality car that is as good as the car being repaired.

Because the replacement car facility is not free, you should compare the price of a replacement car with the price of a car in the rental service. If the price of a rental car is cheaper, it’s better to just rent it.

Get to know each criteria in detail

Before buying car insurance, know in advance what your needs are. After that, recognize the criteria set by the company. This is important so that the benefits that are felt are getting maximum, you also do not feel disadvantaged in the future.